Detective Division

Detective Division Commander

Detective Lt. Daniel Norck         203-720-2581 /


Investigations Supervisor

Detective Sergeant Danielle Bailey       203-720-2586 /


Juvenile / Special Investigations Supervisor

Detective Sergeant Amanda Devan       203-720-2590 /



Detective Chip Schofield (Juvenile / Special Investigations) /

Detective Kevin Zanic /

Detective Jon Slavin /

Detective Andre Moutela /

Detective Robert O'Donnell (Juvenile / Special Investigations) /

Detective Paul Bertola /

Detective Aaron Borys /

Detective Thomas McGarvey /



Cases that require specialized investigative procedures and techniques are assigned to the Detective Division. Detectives handle serious criminal investigations, including violent or suspicious deaths, serious

assaults, robberies, narcotics, significant financial crimes, and certain property crimes. Other criminal cases that are categorized as complex and long-term are also assigned to the Detective Division. Throughout the crime-solving process, detectives engage in various forms of surveillance and are responsible for serving warrants and making criminal arrests.

Detectives undergo extensive training in a number of advanced areas. Courses include finger-printing, interrogation techniques, crime scene processing, and crime scene photography. Detectives work with members of other municipal and state law enforcement agencies as well as federal agencies, such as FBI, ATF, DEA and Secret Service.

Members of the Detective Division also conduct background investigations for all police department personnel and for certain town employees at the request of the Borough's Human Resources Department.