1/1/2021 - Keeping Naugatuck Sidewalks Accessible
mother and child on sidewalk


Safety: Blocked sidewalks force people and pets into the street where drivers do not expect them to be.
Equity: One car blocks the sidewalk for all; a small minority creates a negative impact on the vast majority.
Access: Sidewalks are owned by the public and a significant source of open space allocated to pedestrians and wheelchairs.
Liability: “Going around” requires people to move to the sloped portion of the driveway where they are more likely to fall on your property.
Economy: Walkable sidewalks create neighborhoods where local businesses thrive and property values increase.
Livability: Unobstructed sidewalks nurture the social fabric of our city as neighbors meet while walking and deter crime through visible activity.

*Blocking sidewalks is prohibited under the Borough of Naugatuck Code of Ordinances 18-91-(c).4 and may result in a $25.00 fine.

Please help by doing your part to keep the Naugatuck sidewalk grid open and accessible to all!