11/1/2019 - MIllville Area Halloween Event Information

The Saturday 11/2/19 Halloween event taking place in the Millville Ave/ Park Ave / Quinn St. area will be running from the hours of 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

This event will require several road closures on the roads listed below – The road closures will likely begin about one half hour before and after the event (from approx 4:30 PM until 8:30 PM) as follows:

*MAY AVE – Between Grove Street and Millville Ave
*PARK AVE – Between Grove Street and Millville Ave
*QUINN STREET – Between Chestnut Street and Millville Ave.
*CHESTNUT STREET -Between Fern St and Park Ave.
*MILLVILLE AVE - Between North Hoadley Street and Walnut Street

The NPD reminds residents that reside in the area of road closures to please be aware that access during the road closures will be limited – If at all possible it is highly recommended that you park your vehicle outside of the road closure area if you intend to leave the area during this event.

All other residents are reminded that parking along any roadways near the event must be done legally and parking must allow emergency vehicle access including access by larger fire apparatus.

Officers will be monitoring parking in the area throughout the event and any illegally parked vehicles, including those that are parked in a way that obstruct access by emergency vehicles will be towed immediately.

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